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Vantage One Service Commitment The Vantage One Service Commitment means taking extraordinary steps to ensure that each property location is assessed at its lowest possible value. Our professionals work closely with the client’s internal accounting departments and provide real-time connectivity to their property tax analysis and reporting. Our commitment is to keep the client informed and more importantly, involved in the taxation process. Vantage One provides our clients with an effective and turnkey filing service that limits their tax liability and reduces their tax expense.




Personal Property Compliance Our understanding of the varying state laws and requirements are integral to the compliance valuation approach. Vantage One is a leader in fulfilling the compliance requirements for real estate and personal property valuations. Our professionals know the requirements for all 50 states and ensure they are continuously met.


Complex Property Valuations Businesses with large complex properties or multiple locations face unique tax challenges. Rapid changes in technology, productivity, manufacturing methods and techniques all affect assessments. Changes in legislation may affect both tax requirements and doing business in today’s economic environment. Vantage One’s complex property valuations take an aggressive approach to value, by utilizing: ASA Appraisal Methodologies; MACRS depreciation; and Depreciated Cost/Replacement Cost Valuations.





Our professionals use the most objective and thorough real estate analysis possible to assist our clients in making their real estate tax decisions. Our tax professionals analyze all relevant factors that could affect a property’s taxable value, including using income and expense statements, comparable sales, capitalization rates, replacement cost, obsolescence factors, zoning change and any other factors that may affect the “market value” of your real property.

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Our Appraisers go to great lengths to obtain a fair market valuation of the clients property. Our in-house ASA appraiser develops depreciation factors for a very wide variety of equipment that is specific to equipment owned by our clients. These factors are based on data from actual sales of specific equipment and estimated life taken from manufacturers and actual users of equipment. The key difference in this data and the appraisal districts is that the data is more specific to a piece of equipment or asset.



Vantage One works with state and local governments to negotiate economic development and tax incentives to assist our clients in lowering their tax liability. These types of incentives are primarily focused on companies with planned growth or expansion, but may also include areas of Foreign Trade. To discuss your company’s eligibility for any of these tax incentives and obtain a free tax consultation today, contact us.